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How did it all begin? Brewmasters Scott and Phil looked at each other and Scott said, “Hey Phil. Your mutton chops look particularly enchanting today.” “Thanks Scott. Let’s open a brew-pub.”

After holding each other in a loving, yet totally masculine embrace Scott and Phil decided to build a neighborhood brew-pub that served food they like and beer they like in a casual, laid-back atmosphere. LowDown opened in February of 2014 after recruiting the culinary talents of Executive Chef Brendon and Sous Chef Dylan. LowDown Brewery + Kitchen is where you’ll get inspired, comforting, and even healthy food paired with great beer. It will be the best part of your day.

Philip Phifer


Owner and Brewmaster

Philip has been brewing since the tender age of 17. Philip relocated to Colorado in 2008 and joined the brewery team at Rock Bottom Breweries, where he became a brew-master and ran Rock Bottom in South Denver. Philip and Scott met at Rock Bottom where Scott handled Philip’s brew-master training. Philip is happily married and enjoys wilderness backpacking in the sumer and downhill skiing in the winter, as well as nice long walks with his lab mutt every day.

Did you know?

  • Phil still has two of his baby teeth
  • He used to carry a 165 bowling average
  • He once hallucinated from eating too many hot chilies

Scott O’Hearn


Owner and Brewmaster

Scott O’Hearn has been a professional brewer for over 21 years; first at Harpoon Brewing Company in Boston, MA, and then at four different Rock Bottom Restaurant and Breweries around the country. Scott has formulated and brewed hundreds of beer recipes, winning numerous awards, including two gold medals, four silvers and a bronze at the Great American Beer Festival.

Did you know?

  • Scott’s a sucker for a good hoppy pilsner
  • He’s a huge fan of watching AND playing tennis
  • He once went snowboarding with Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977

Eric Melzer









Chef Eric hails from Decatur IL, and has been cooking professionally for over 20+  years. Eric has served as Executive Chef at many restaurants in Denver, and continues to innovate and create extraordinary plates for our guests. His unique background and techniques bring new and exciting life to our pizzas, salads, and sandwiches.
Did you know?

  • Chef Eric likes to shag balls at the local golf course.
  • Eric is married to a Rocket Scientist.
  • Chef Eric met Rosa Parks at a swanky steakhouse in downtown Denver.